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In-Car Apps Allow Parents to Supervise Teen Driving

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Parents of teenage drivers now have a range of options that can help them track or monitor their children's driving behaviors via in-car apps. Many providers now can help parents monitor not just their teenage child at any given point in time, but also the speed of the car that he's driving, acceleration and braking habits, and even driving hours.

Orlando car accident lawyers believe that such parent control can be crucial in the case of teenage drivers who are inexperienced, and face far too many pressures that encourage dangerous driving. For instance, teenagers may be under pressure to drive at excessive speeds, or under the influence of alcohol, and may also face distractions from passengers.

It's very important for parents, therefore, to not just monitor their teenage child and find out where he is at any given point in time, but also monitor his driving habits. That includes not just monitoring his speeds and braking to make sure that these are safe levels, but also staying updated about driving habits through SMS text alerts.

Some app providers now allow parents to get an alert if the car goes outside predetermined boundaries that the parent has already set. Some of the most basic apps send out text message alerts to incoming mail or voice calls when the car is going at above 25 mph. If the person must make a call, he can manually turn off the app.

Other apps include cell phone blocking technologies while the car is in motion, that block a number of functions including texting, cell phone calls as well as camera and web access unless the motorist is wearing a headset.

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