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AAA Predicts Increase in Thanksgiving Traffic This Year

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The AAA has predicted that there will be a slight increase in vehicular traffic this Thanksgiving, with approximately 39.1 million people expected to drive over the holiday. That is a 0.7% increase from the number of people who drove over the holiday last year.

The AAA expects 3.14 million people to take flights to their destinations this year. Overall, the AAA expects 42.6 million people to travel over Thanksgiving this year.

Those numbers are a steady improvement from back in 2008, when the economy was just beginning to tank, and there was widespread panic. That year, the number of people who traveled overall was just about 37.8 million people. Over the next couple of years, motoring traffic remained down, as people struggled to cope with rising costs, unemployment as well as high gas prices by cutting down on unnecessary or holiday travel.

Now, however, as the economy begins to recover, Orlando car accident lawyers expect an increase in travel, especially holiday travel and nonessential travel. That means more vehicles on the road.

This Thanksgiving, when there are more motorists in a hurry to reach their destination, it becomes even more imperative that people drive slowly, cautiously and avoid rash driving.

If you are among the thousands of motorists who will be driving across Florida this Thanksgiving, drive at low speeds, and drive defensively. With more motorists on the road, you cannot afford to be distracted. Switch off your cell phone and other electronic communication devices while driving. It goes without saying that you must avoid driving after having a few drinks, and stay at posted speed limits.

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