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Florida Analysis Proves Red Light Cameras Prevent Accidents

Sunday, July 22, 2012

An analysis of red light camera systems in Hillsborough County indicates to Orlando car accident lawyers that the system has helped prevent accidents, leading to more than $100,000 in savings for the County officials. The analysis was conducted by the American Traffic Solutions website, which analyzes light camera systems at the intersection of camera Bloomingdale Avenue and Bell Shoals Road.

American Traffic Solutions has installed more than 3,000 such camera systems around the country. The group analyzed a number of red light camera systems around the country, and conducted a cost-benefit analysis of these systems.

The study found that in Hillsborough County, Florida, in 2011, the red light camera systems led to savings of as much as $175,604 at the Bloomingdale Avenue and Bell Shoals Road intersection. By the end of 2012, the same camera system is expected to save the county another $166,847. The analysis also found that by the year 2015, this camera system will save the county $795,337.

The savings come from a reduced rate of accidents involving drivers who comply with red light rules when they know an intersection has a red light camera. Red light camera violations are some of the most serious violations, and contribute to deadly accidents called broad-siding accidents. In these accidents, a motorist who runs a red light hits the side of another vehicle, leading to serious side-impact injuries. Passengers, who are involved in such side-impact accidents, can suffer devastating injuries because of the lack of protection against severe impact.

The red light camera systems also have great law enforcement benefits, allowing Sheriff’s deputies to be assigned to other law enforcement activities, thereby also saving money for the county.

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