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Florida Highway Patrol Blames Motorists for Gainesville Motor Vehicle Accident.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Florida Highway Patrol has hit back against allegations that its negligence caused a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 75 in Gainesville, which killed 11 people. The accident, which caught nationwide attention, also injured more than 46 people.

The pileup occurred in January this year, and began one Sunday morning when several motorists began driving into heavy fog and smoke on Interstate 75. The vehicles began crashing into each other as the fog reduced visibility to zero.

The multi-vehicle accident included more than 25 vehicles, including several semi trucks. The scene on the stretch of highway where the pile-up occurred was one of pandemonium, as several vehicles crashed into existing wreckage's. At the end of the carnage, 11 people were dead.

Orlando car accident lawyers had plenty of criticism for the Florida Highway Patrol, especially its decision to reopen parts of Interstate 75, after evaluating the smoke and fog situation in the area. Now the Florida Highway Patrol has given its own version of events, and its version blames motorists for failing to slow down when they entered the fog.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, weather conditions on the morning of the accident were rapidly changing, and the weather could not be predicted with complete accuracy. A review of the events of that day, the agency says, has found that the officers who made the decision to open up parts of the highway, acted reasonably.

The Florida Highway Patrol also claims that response personnel from the agency continued to travel through the Interstate every 10 minutes to evaluate the situation. They found that there was no deterioration of the foggy conditions that necessitated the closing down of the interstate. However, soon after, the crash occurred.

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