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Risk of Dog Bites in Florida Increases during Summer

Sunday, July 06, 2014

More children in Orlando will be at risk of being bitten by a dog over the next few weeks. With summer here and schools out, more children will be out in parks and playgrounds, or out walking with their parents, where they are very likely to come across dogs being walked by their owners.

In summertime, dogs and children have a much higher risk of coming into contact with each other, placing children who are already at the heaviest risk of dog bites at a much higher likelihood of being involved in an attack. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention estimates that every year, there are more than 4 million dog bites across the United States, a majority of them involving children below the age of five.

Children are much smaller, and physically vulnerable to an attack. They may not be able to fight off an attack, especially if it involves a strong, powerful or large dog. Additionally, children are trusting by nature, and are naturally attracted to dogs. The natural childish tendency to pet an animal can result in a dog bite, unless other adults around are not careful.

Children are also at some of the highest risk of injuries it comes to dog bites. They may suffer from severe facial injuries, including injuries to the eyes, nose, lips, mouth, cheeks and years. There may be internal injuries as well. All of these injuries will require extensive medical treatment, hospitalization, and even multiple cosmetic surgeries to restore the child’s appearance.

In Florida, parents of children who have suffered injuries in a dog bite can claim compensation from the owner of the dog. Under Florida's strict liability dog bite laws, plaintiffs may file a lawsuit even if it was the very first time the dog was involved in a bite.

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