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Drugged Driving High among College Students

Thursday, May 01, 2014

College students in Orlando who are driving under the influence are much more likely to be driving under the influence of marijuana than alcohol. According to the results of a new study that was published recently in the Journal JAMA Pediatrics, approximately 44% of college- age students admitted that they drove while they were under the influence of alcohol and marijuana during the previous month. In comparison only 12% of the men admitted that they drove while drunk.

In fact, the study found that college males are approximately 3 times more likely to drive under the influence of marijuana, than to drive under the influence of alcohol. It appears that college students are slowly moving away from the intoxicating effects of alcohol, thanks to the stringent focus on the risks of drunk driving accidents. However, students need to know that driving after using marijuana can also be dangerous. Drugged driving, or specifically driving under the influence of pot is a much underestimated and neglected problem in this country, and many students believe that it's much safer to drive after using pot, than it is to drive after having a few alcoholic beverages.

The study also found that women of college age were much less likely to drive under the influence of marijuana, and only 8% reported that they had driven after using marijuana. However, women do seem to be very likely to ride in a vehicle operated by a person who had used pot. Approximately 35% of the women admitted that they had been a passenger in a car that was being operated by a drunk driver.

Drugged driving involving marijuana use is blamed for approximately 12 percent of all fatal accidents involving motorists in the 16- to- 20 age category.

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